In/Visible Cities: Prototyping Lab

berlin, germany, 2015

The Public Art Lab Berlin asked me to be one of the moderators for their In/Visible Cities: Prototyping Lab that took place from January 25th to 27th. We developed and prototyped Media Art Installations that connect cities and make invisible data and processes visible. The results were presented during Transmediale Festival. The three winning concepts will be developed and presented in Dortmund and Jena.

Video by Xar Lee

workshop "systems of creation"

karlsruhe, germany, 2015

Sonice Development was invited to give a 3-day workshop at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. During the workshop days, we discussed and experimented with rule-based systems that generate visual output.

We challenged the students to change their perspective from designers of things to designers of systems.

Inspriration was gathered beforehand in a Tumblr.

kultur- und kreativpiloten deutschland


As one of 32 entrepreneurs, Julian was awarded with the title "Kultur- und Kreativpiloten Deutschland" by the German government.

Sensing Colorspace Namur

namur, belgium, 2014

a sonice development project

We were invited to present our Sensing Colorspace installation for three days at the KIKK Festival 2014 in Namur. This video shows the evolving artwork and the interactions of the audience with it.

retune. 2014

berlin, germany, 2014

From 26. - 28. September 2014 the retune conference brings together for the third time artists, designers, technologists as well as researchers and scientists to inspire interdisciplinary thinking and making. This annual gathering of international creative minds seeks to explore, shape, and critically question the future of living, working, and expressing with technology.

Within a three days conference international thinkers and practitioners will give inspirational talks and key note speeches; participants will gain further practical experiences in workshops and have the chance to discuss and connect with like-minded creatives from various interdisciplinary fields.

I am the director and initiator of this annual event.

More information can be found on the event's website

inscribing circles

st. gallen, switzerland, 2014

a sonice development project

On September 6th 2014 we celebrated the Museumsnacht in St. Gallen with the premier of our performance "Inscribing Circles". A robot tried to inscribe the biggest circle possible into the given field. For eight hours it was drawing it’s routes onto a wall constructed for the arcades of Macelleria d’Arte at “Roter Platz” in St. Gallen. The wall was dismantled to its eight triangular elements after the performance. These triangles are documenting the performance. They are fragments of the circle quest.

design fiction workshop

wuhan, china, 2014

together with the constitute

Together with Christian from The Constitute we gave 12 day workshop on design fiction, narrative practice and rapid prototyping to about 40 students. We were invited by the 403 art center in collaboration with the Public Art Lab.

rising colorspace

metropol park, berlin, germany, 2014

a sonice development project

Rising Colorspace is a site-specific installation for "Metropol Park" at Köllnischer Park 6-7 in Berlin. It is the third systemic robot installation of Sonice Development's colorspace series.

A robot draws his rising movements as bowlike lines onto a shiny metallic wall. All turns and falling movements are left out. Thereof derives a wickerwork of lines in rich botanic coloration. This condenses to a colorspace. Each line grows like a bending culm and modulates the colorspace after a daily color-protocol. Rising Colorspace is an evolving system continuously overwriting itself.


retune studio visit #02

berlin, germany, 2014

for the second retune studio visit, we were invited to the Studio "Weltall". With presentations from Quadrature, Mathilde Domecq, and Nadja Buttendorf.

Photos can be found here

sensing colorspace

monkey bar, 25hours hotel, berlin, 2014

a sonice development project

Sensing Colorspace is an interactive robotic installation documenting the acoustic events of its surrounding. It is installed at the 10th floor bar of the 25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. The noises of the hotelbar are affecting and driving the lines. The roaring sounds of the espresso-machine, ice being crushed, heels on the floor– altogether they form the colorspace. Visitors call the device actively by clapping and thereby influence the robots route. They record their interaction and inscribe their presence to the wall. Events and lines overlay continuously and modulate the appearance of the colorspace.

more images

talk at resonate

belgrade, serbia, 2014

I was invited to give a talk at the resonate festival in Belgrade, Serbia.

blowing in the wind

dunkerque, france, 2013

client: Angela Bulloch

For media artist Angela Bulloch I realized the permanent installation "blowing in the wind" at the FRAC Nord-Pas de Calais. The installation consists of two movingheads that are installed in front of the building. Every night at 6pm, the lights turn on and project moving lights onto the facade. Movement and color of the lights are influenced by the speed of the wind and the time.

emerging colorspace

saatchi gallery, london, 2013

a sonice development project

Emerging Colorspace is a robotic drawing installation. A machine with the ability to move on vertical surfaces autonomously applies paint to the wall using a marker. Thousands of lines painted with different colors form an increasingly dense colorspace that emerges during the more than 200 exhibiton hours.
The wandering behaviour of the machine follows simple algorithmic rules with random elements.

more images

artwork: sonice development (michael haas & julian adenauer)
programming: achim meyer & julian adenauer
initial concept for the machine: achim meyer



project initiated by the constitute

EYESECT is a wearable out-of-body experience. It allows users to experience their environemts from new points of view. The world, as we perceive in reality and through media is aligned to binocular and stereoscopic vision of human beings. These omnipresent human-centristic perspectives and the critical debate about contemporary 3D Technology that only simulates real space and does not stimulate the lust for new and curiosity were the initial point from where the work on EYESCT began. The Question: “How do we not see” and the fascination for cybernetic – spirtual utopias, Science Fiction and bionic experiments lead to the development of one helmet device and two freely attachable camera eyes.

exhibitions: AND Festival Liverpool, 2013; Cynetart Dresden, 2013

artwork: the constitute
technology consulting and implementation: julian adenauer

ready to cloud


a project developed together with the constitute

magine! Teleportation as we all know from Star Trek can be possible! Or even nearly. With the Ready to Cloud project we propose a first trial on simulating a teleportation system within the possibilites of off the shelf materials. The main idea came from a broad and deep observation on diegetic prototyping and narrative methods of communicating utopian visions. The idea is to beam people realtime 3D-scans from one city to another, from one party to the next and by this creating an opportunity to set up a holographic display.

video: prototyping in the streets of Milan



collaboration with michael haas and martin fussenegger as sonice development

The Facadeprinter uses paintballs to draw huge images onto walls. Dot by dot, it thus creates mural artworks. The Facadeprinter is a large-scale communication tool, an ink-dot printer in architectural dimensions – and the first distance-printer in the world. The machine is integrated into a case that can be folded for transport. The printer is supplied with compressed air (scuba tank) and off-the-shelf paintballs. The integrated computer reads graphics from USB drives and can correct perspective and ballistic distortion. Via touchpad interface the digital artworks can be adapted to the architectural situation. Thus size, position and dot-density can be adjusted on-site.

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